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Artist Absurd Minds
Album Serve or Suffer
Record Label Artoffact Records
Year 2010

The latest album by Absurd Minds, Serve or Suffer, is musically, a very good album, however, the vocals are very hit and miss.

The album opens strongly with "The King" - this is a very catchy track, and one of the best on the album. The rest of the album drops off, though not significantly. The vocals become increasingly prominent as the album progresses. Serve or Suffer continues as a better than average EBM album throughout. The peaks in quality with "Deficit Mindset" and "Serve or Suffer" do not get too high. Similarly, the valleys of this album in "Human Bomb" and "Somebody" do not get too low. This album closes strongly as well, with "Holier Than Thou".

If you are a Project Pitchfork fan, Serve or Suffer would definitely appeal to you as the vocals are very similar. If not, then this album is not a "must have", but you will not be disappointed if you pick it up.


Rating 7 out of 10

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