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Artist Perfidious Words
Album Feel Like Me
Record Label Trisol Music Group
Year 2009

Feel Like Me, the third album for Perfidious Words, is an excellent electro pop/synthpop album, with great vocals and well-produced music. Accompanying the 11 track cd is an 80 minute DVD of concert and studio recordings.

The only detraction I could make, and it depends on how you take it, is Lars and Drazen have channeled Depeche Mode to the extreme. The vocals and music, in many instances, are very reminiscent of older Depeche Mode (you know, when they were really good). I would probably be less enthused about such an obvious copying of sound, but they pull it off really well. There is deviation from the DM sound, but you will definitely notice the similarity.

Obviously, fans of Depeche Mode will enjoy this album, as well as fans of Electro pop or synthpop in general.


Rating 9 out of 10

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