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Artist The Synthetic Dream Foundation
Album Behind the Gates of Horn and Ivory
Record Label Mythical Records
Year 2008

The Synthetic Dream Foundation has come along way over the years, and Behind the Gates of Horn and Ivory is definitely their best to date. The music falls into a category loosely defined as ethereal meets movie soundtrack, with a touch of Juno Reactor.

This album really shows the growth the TSDF and they have really developed a quality sound. The album sort of sounds like the sound track to a grand Sci Fi movie, as it is mainly instrumental, with samples mixed in subtly here and there, and several of the songs have distorted vocals, like "Eine Dunkle Spharische Widerstand" and "Eine Schone Ruine".

The comparison to older Juno Reactor is appropriate, yet the music is different. I won't go into detail on the individual tracks, but they definitely develop a texture, a tangible audio construct for you to enter and explore. There are sweeping soundscapes, dotted with faster paced moments; certainly enough to keep any fan of electronic music interested.


Rating 8 out of 10

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