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Artist Massiv In Mensch
Album Meanwhile Back In The Jungle
Record Label Artoffact Records
Year 2008

It seems to me that aesthetic criticism is a dubious endeavor because of the problem of subjectivity related to works of art. So, when I write about a work of musical art, as I have been asked to do for this release by Massiv in Mensch, my first criteria is that I like the work; if I don't like a work, I don't write about it.

I love this work and have always considered Massiv in Mensch to be among the most talented producers of modern music; I find their sound engineering skills to be incredible and I am especially moved by their ability to write anthems that transcend genres in club music.

Now, in aesthetic criticism, especially in musical art, there are some impressions and experiences that take the reviewer, or listener in this case, to a point that transcends analysis and calculation. First, is that experience of the electric chills, the goose bumps, where there is an experience of a definite immersion of the nervous system in something electric and highly pleasing. Accompanying that experience is the desire to listen to the work over and over again and again.

"Meer Der Tausend Farben" gave me the electric chills and I listened to the song over and over and turned up the volume to the maximum. Electro pop is my favorite genre of music and the best of the genre has some common elements: An elegant feeling and a unity in phrasing, rhythm, melody and an element that results in a concise production of the idea. This track has all of that and ranks among my favorite productions by Massiv in Mensch.

"Crystal" is a track with innovative riffs and rhythms that attest to the ability of the artist to produce music that transcends genre in club music, where I can recommend the track to my old school techno-electro DJ friends while thinking that any club where there is a trance, industrial, gothic orientation is well served by the track. The synths are a nice journey. The rhythm is easy on the body and where movement and imagination are together, there is a great party.

I've always felt that Massiv in Mensch would do well to explore some of the more romantic possibilities in electro pop and the song, "Alone," justifies my feeling and I hope to hear more tracks from them like "Alone" and the amazing "Meer Der Tausend Farben" in the future.

"Supermassive Gravity" sounds like a collaboration with Mind In A Box and, if my listening is correct, then I say: What a perfect combination. Especially if Massiv in Mensch and Mind In A Box collaborate on tracks in the style of "Meer Der Tausend Farben" and "Alone." The vocalist fits with the production of Massiv in Mensch, perfectly.

There are several well done trance and electro thumpers on this latest release, of which I found the track "Powerful" to be the best, making this release essential listening for those in this scene.

All in all, it's underground, overground and new ground from Massiv in Mensch in this new release, where the production quality is impeccable, as it always seems to be with them.

-Dan Morgan

Rating 10 out of 10

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