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Artist uberbyte
Album SIC
Record Label Crunch Pod
Year 2008

SIC is the debut album for the UK band, UberByte. This album is full of energized, danceable tracks, with vocals similar to Killing Joke or Cubanate, and music somewhat like Combichrist or other top-notch EBM/Electro bands.

The album starts off with UberByte's very own anthem, "Stand Up (for UberByte)" and it certainly will make you stand up at attention; be prepared to spontaneously start dancing at any moment. "Bring the Rain" has an Abarian flair that is infectious, and "SSDM" is a bit more down-tempo, but just as catchy. "Total War" throws in some policital comment and "Mother Earth" hit backs again with both fast pounding rythmns and softer elements.

You can hear the Combichrist influence in "You Don't Get It (We Don't Care)", which has very strong similarities to Combichrist's works, even vocally. Now don't get me wrong, even if it does sound somewhat similar, this is a great track, expressing UberByte's in-your-face style evident on much of the album.

This album is filled with other great gems, like "Broken Spears", the repetitive, spoken "135335" and the pounding "I Am the Nation", but the best track by far is "Sertraline", a song which goes in a completely different direction than most of the album, entering the territory of Electro-Pop or Synthpop. The male vocals are clear and melodic, with backing female vocals blended in, all on top of an extremely catchy beat.

I would highly recommend SIC to any lover of EBM/Electro, or dancefloor go'er, and also mandate that the album be played LOUD. What are you waiting for, go buy it now.


Rating 9 out of 10

Posted by Lolindir9 @ 01/01/2009 07:35:03 am
absolutely amazing!

the first time i really heard them was a few weeks ago.

they where playing live in the netherlands.

they did very very good!

cant wait for their next one :)

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