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Artist Flesh Field
Album Viral Extinction
Record Label Inception Records
Year 1999

Viral Extinction, by Flesh Field, is not only flawless, but also a masterpiece in the electro-industrial genre. This album is the standard that all other electro albums should be measured.

Every track is perfectly written, performed, and placed, as are the changes in pace. The heart-wrenching ballad "My Saviour" is one of the best industrial ballads ever written, whereas "Cyberchrist" is an assault to every sense. This may be music by machines and it seems like that is all Ian Ross relied on- that and Rian Miller's vocals, but these machines are used flawlessly, as are Miller's vocals, like in "Fallen Angel". The music is intense and fast, but Miller's soothing vocals mixed in with Ross' create the perfect sound. They are comparatively clean, as opposed to other bands and heavy distortion is used sparingly. Like Void Construct's Estramay Aleph, the rawness of their sound is fully exposed here and it sounds like it should not be any other way.

Viral Extinction did not usher in the genre of electro industrial. However, it is the best of this genre and one of the best industrial albums, even 10 years since it's release.


Rating 10 out of 10

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