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Artist BUZZ
Album Mimimal & électronique
Year 2008

Somewhere in France, there is a serious Buzz. Thankfully, we can all experience this Buzz at and, if we are really cool, we can obtain a copy of their new and perfect electro release, Minimal & électronique.

I am not that cool but I got a copy of Minimal & électronique, anyway, and I was transported back to the early days of 80s and 90s electro and I danced, all by myself, to the first three tracks and suddenly felt myself becoming cool as I was swaying to "Je suis avec tois."

Then, I was transported to a Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, 808 drum vibe and a nice surprise in an Implant mix with a hip hop beat. Construction & Deconstruction. Clearly, Buzz know their electro. Does it get any better? Yes. Apparently, Buzz have been remixed by The Neon Judgement. I need to find that and, maybe, so do you.

On the one hand, it would be nice to know what the French lyrics mean in English. On the other hand, the vocals in French do stand on their own and a part of me says that the words and the music belong in French and a voice says: Just dance. Just Listen.

Especially, where there is a good party, in a good club, where the sound system is rockin, "Disko", "East Village Radio," "Bougre de son," the subltle Severin 24 mix of "Toutes les Aguilles" and the Neolymb mix of "Orange", gets the real electro party well underway.

Buzz is seriously fun electro and if you are a serious electro, ebm DJ, do all you can to find Minimal & électronique.

-Dan Morgan

Rating 10 out of 10

Posted by Peter Rainman @ 10/01/2008 01:45:03 am
Hello Dan ! Thank you very much for the so nice review, i'm very glad you danced on my remix ! (disko, track number 2).

Buzz rules !

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