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Artist MonsterGod
Album Reborn Monster
Year 2008

Reborn Monster is the debut full-length album from the Polish band, MonsterGod, which follows up their 2006 demo, Newborn Monster; this album definitely picks up where the demo left off and does not disappoint, masterfully mixing varied vocals with catchy synth lines.

Reborn Monster contains two of the excellent tracks from Newborn Monster, "Smile" and "Obsession", but adds an additional nine tracks of quality music. The overall tempo of the album is slower than other contemporary bands, but that's fine. I am genuinely impressed by the quality of the song structures and production values - these fellows are clearly not new to creating music. There are many great songs on the album, but songs like "Carbon", "Fever", "Smile" and "Obsession" definitely stand out.

There is a nice theme in the album, starting with the first track, "Devil", with the tracks "Gates of Hell" and "GOD" in the middle of the album, and closing with the song, "Angel". In this day and age of digital music and only having one or two tracks from an album, such a detail would never be noticed. Believe it or not, listening to albums as a whole adds something to the experience that individual songs do not fully reflect.

Most music reviews strive to describe an oral experience through words, which never quite works completely. The best part of this album, though, is it is available, free of charge from MonsterGod's download page. What more could a connoisseur of superb Elektro music ask for? Go download it now and hear it for yourself!


Rating 9 out of 10

Posted by legion @ 07/25/2008 10:51:44 am
As an addendum to this review, MonsterGod also has a free EP of cover songs called "God's Verses", available from their download page.
Posted by Anonymous @ 10/16/2008 02:47:18 pm
just a piece of shit, not a good music at all!

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